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Talent management

90% of our management staff is promoted in house. This shows our ability to reveal each team’s best talents.

Today's Manager is yesterday's Advisor
Why not you ?

Talent Management


At Webhelp, each employee is an actor in their professional development. A Talent Management system was set in motion. This allows us to anticipate tomorrow’s needs of tomorrow and develop potentials.


In order to guide you through the development of this potential, various measures are implemented : coaching, challenges, transversal and multifunctional missions, training path ...


Webhelp also has a national and international mobility policy. This allows us to offer our employees perspectives so that they can enter a long-term professional career.

Webhelp's Benefits

Do you count on your involvement and your results to evolve? So do we!

Promotion Committee:

Promotional committees are organized at least once a year in order to evaluate the promotions related to the positions with no assessment center process dedicated. These promotion committees bring together Management and Human Resources.

The Assessment Center:

To ensure that we are as fair as possible, we put into practice a transparent system with several evaluation parameters: these allow us to limit the risk of error when choosing people to be promoted.


The assessment is based on scenarios that allow the assessor to observe the real potential of the candidate, contrary to what he can see in a simple interview.


It is carried out by several evaluators, from different backgrounds: management committee, HR, manager or site manager, production, etc., in order to give a cross-look on the promotion process.


It is a multi-evaluation system: candidates are evaluated in many exercises, using a variety of assessment tools.