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Terms of use


Terms of Use Public Recrutement Webhelp Careers Website !

Processing of Personal Data :


As an introduction and to inform the user or the candidate, the present terms represent an agreement between the user / candidate and the Webhelp Group companies (hereafter referred to as the "Group"). Access to and use of this site constitutes acceptance of these terms by the user / candidate.



1. Purpose :

Data collected on the site is used in the recruitment process but can also be subject to statistical processing. .

In these circumstances, the candidate is informed by the present conditions that the data he / she communicates upon registration on the site, the use he makes, as well as the forms present on the site are necessary to answer to his candidacy.

These elements are designed Webhelp Group. In the absence of a statement made by the candidate, these data may be communicated to companies belonging to the Webhelp group (in France and beyond), to national and international public bodies whose scope of activity is the insertion and training of Webhelp group hosts and of Webhelp Group entity sites for the purposes mentioned above.

This processing has been notified and authorized by ANSPDCP through the receipt no; N°29454.



2. Data collection :

While navigating on this site, Webhelp may collect personal data directly through forms or indirectly (IP address, cookies, etc.). These data are stored in the IT systems of the Group companies worldwide, those of the hosts of the Group's websites and the hosts of the Group's entity data.

The types of information collected mainly are: name, surname, phone number, postal address, email address, date of birth, and information on the candidate's academic and professional throughout.

Enrollment that will allow access to additional information about the Wehbelp Group necessarily implies the rigorous completion of the forms on the site.

Given the purpose of this site, collecting personal data (name, surname, phone number, postal address, email address, date of birth, etc.) requires the creation of an account and the use of the suggested services - the presentation of the professional application to the Webhelp recruitment departments. Any person who does not wish to provide the information required to create an account will not be able to use the suggested services, will not be able to apply for the suggested posts and will not be contacted by the Webhelp recruitment department.


a) Right of access and modification : 

Per law no. 677/2001, Webhelp accepts not to disclose personal data that you submit by electronic mail to companies or individuals outside the Group. They will only be used to answer you as efficiently as possible.

The persons who accept the processing of personal data have the right to access, modify and delete their own data. Any person who communicated his or her personal data shall benefit from the right to information, access, modification and deletion of the data transmitted (in whole or in part) provided he / she sends a written and signed application accompanied by a copy of the identity card to the postal address of Webhelp Romania - Str. Sfintii Voievozi nr. 65, sector 1, Bucharest,with the mention « Personal data »,.

If this site works, by its nature, with data protected by rules governing the protection of privacy, is not intended to receive confidential information on commercial or intellectual protection. Except, therefore, the personal data mentioned above, any other information that will be mentioned on the site, regardless of its form - documents, graphs, data, questions, suggestions, concepts, remarks or other forms - will not be confidential.


b) Storage time and data security : 

Unless the applicant requests the destruction of his file, Webhelp retains the data for bids, 2 years after the last contact, under secure conditions to ensure confidentiality and avoid unauthorized loss, use, alteration or disclosure, depending on the technical means and strict observance of the laws and regulations in force.

However, Webhelp or the Group of which it is part cannot offer an absolute security guarantee, as long as the Internet is an open network subject to such risks. Webhelp and the Group are not responsible for any damage resulting from the fraudulent entry of a third party resulting in the modification of the information posted on the site.


c) Cookies : 

Because of the service improvement, the site may install cookies on the user's computer to generate statistics on the use of Webhelp's website (most visited pages, site visit rate, etc).

The Candidate is informed that when using this service, a cookie may be installed automatically on the browser he / she is using. It will not allow the user to identify, but will record information about the site's navigation, especially on the pages visited and the date and time they were accessed.

The identified personal data are not exploited through this approach, the use of cookies only serves to generate usage statistics. The user can configure the blocking of cookies in the browser he uses, but this action may impact the ease of navigation and display of information on the site. 

Cookie-generated statistics are kept for up to  13 months.


d) Newsletter : 

Communicating the email address, the user agrees to receive regularly an email with information about Webhelp’s activities. The email address is kept on Webhelp servers as long as the user agrees to receive the newsletter.

Each recipient of the newsletter has the right to unsubscribe by accessing a link available at the end of each communication.

Access to the site, its use, any search made on this site and downloading of any kind of content by the user represents the acceptance of the Terms of Use of the site http://job.webhelp.en.



3. The right to intellectual property : 


This site is owned and operated by Webhelp. The presentation, each of the elements, together or separately, including the trademarks, logos and domain names appearing on the site (referred to in these Terms of Use as the "site") are protected by the laws on intellectual property.

No part of the site may be copied, reproduced, modified, republished, uploaded, denatured, transmitted or distributed in any way on any support, in whole or in part, without the prior written permission of Webhelp, except for the strict use by the press and respecting the right to intellectual property and any other proprietary right mentioned. The only authorized copy is for private, personal and non-commercial use.

Any authorized copy of any part of the site content must be accompanied by the link to the site and the statement "Copyright 2017 Webhelp All Rights Reserved".

The authorized use of the elements that make up or appear on the site must be done without distorting, modifying or altering in any way. Otherwise, Webhelp reserves the right to sue any act of counterfeiting that violates intellectual property rights.



4. Links to other sites :


Webhelp does not have control over the content of third-party sites. The existence of a hypertext link between the site and a third-party site does not mean that Webhelp warrants or assumes any responsibility in respect of the content or use of those sites.

It is the responsibility of the user to take the necessary precautions to ensure the absence of possible viruses on the site of a third party.

It is forbidden for users of to create, without the prior written permission of Webhelp, on any other website a hypertext link - including a "deep" hyperlink with a page from the http site: and combine it with the "framing" technique or any other similar technique that directs to the secondary pages of the site, avoiding the main page.



5. Responsibility :


The information that is communicated in all Webhelp fields and the direct or indirect facts or events that follow them, cannot be attributable to Webhelp or any of the Group's companies.

The user is solely responsible for damages and harms, direct or indirect, material or non-material, having as cause or origin the use of the site by himself or by a person authorized by him to use this site. By site usage we understand any form, fraudulent or not. The User waives any claim or action involving damages or harms based on Webhelp's contractual responsibility as a site publisher or based on any other basis.

Hypertext links can be sent to other sites other than this site. By following these links, you leave the site and you are directed to others over which Webhelp has no control. Consequently, Webhelp assumes no liability if its content is inconsistent with applicable laws and regulations.

Also, no hypertext links can direct the user to the site without the prior and express authorization of the site publisher. In the absence of such authorization, such a link is considered to be a falsification act and is consequently sanctioned under these terms.

Webhelp informs people who have parental authority about the diversity and nature of content available on the Internet that may be harmful to minors. We encourage parents to monitor the online activity of their children.

We remind the user that it is forbidden to transmit content or materials containing false or misleading information. Sending a third-party application for a post is also forbidden.



6. Website availability guarantee :


Although Webhelp has taken all necessary steps to ensure the reliability of the information, services, software and products available on the site, it is not responsible for any errors, omissions, viruses, or the consequences of inappropriate use of the site's content.

Webhelp has nothing but a means to do. Under these circumstances, the site and its contents are provided without any warranty as to the pertinence of the intended purpose or any restrictions of use. Webhelp does not guarantee the accuracy, reliability, completeness or actuality of content, services, software, text, graphics and links. The user declares and guarantees that he / she is perfectly aware of the features and constraints of the Internet network and especially that the transmission of data and information on the Internet only benefit from relative technical reliability, circulating through heterogeneous networks with different technical characteristics and capabilities, which disrupts its access or cancels it during certain periods.

Webhelp is doing its best to allow running and accessing the site 7 days a week and 24h / 24, without having to guarantee them. Webhelp and / or its suppliers may interrupt access, especially to ensure the site's maintenance and updating. Access can be interrupted for any other reason. Webhelp is not responsible for potential interruptions and consequences to end-users or third parties. Webhelp may cancel or modify at any time, without prior notice, the characteristics of the site

Webhelp is not responsible for data loss or damage. Under these circumstances, Webhelp is not responsible for the costs associated with any equipment, repair, data recovery, or other events arising from the use of the site and its content by the user. No information or advice provided by Webhelp can be construed as a warranty of any kind. Hypertext links can also work with external sites managed by third parties. Webhelp does not control these external sites and assumes no responsibility for their content.

Webhelp is not responsible for any loss whatsoever (in particular for incidental or consequential damages, loss of a chance, profit, or data) resulting from the use or incapacity to use the site in whole or in part or its content.



7. Applicable laws - Severability :


Any issue, claim, or dispute arising from or related to these Terms of Use is governed by European law. In case of litigation, the judicial authorities of the Romanian State are the only competent authorities



8. Legal remarks :


Site editor and publisher:

Social name : Webhelp Greece SRL

TR : J40/14080/2006

Headquarters’ address: Athens