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​Athens' Webhelp Greece Office : a world of opportunities !!!

Webhelp Hellas Athens Webhelp office welcomes you to the best view in the city and the most diverse ecosystem.

 It is not uncommon to find several languages being spoken at the same time just by taking the elevator. 


At Webhelp Hellas, there are as much distinctive clients as advisors providing customers with technical support and helping them solve their challenges, or giving them traveling tips and working on their bookings.  They could also be supporting people in their purchases as a brand representative.


There is a place here for everyone, no matter what their likes may be, in our very tight multicultural family.


How do you apply to be part of our working family? It’s actually very fast and easy. All you have to do is create your profile in our Candidates area and our recruiters will contact you and help find the best job opportunity and the right sector for you, according to your preferences. And all this could happen to you in just 48h !